The Adventure Party – How to Throw an Amazing Adventure Party

An adventure party can take on a lot of different ideas. However, when you think of a traditional adventure party you can create an absolute wonderland for the boys. For this theme you can think treasure island, MASH 4077, survival strategies and skills, or you can engage some of the amazing venues that are set up to thrill the party guests and birthday boy. Also, don’t underestimate your own backyard, or a local park with some amazing play equipment.

The cake

A chocolate mud cake covered in chocolate icing and decorated with action figurines or a treasure map where X marks the spot. Another idea is an island paradise cake that has sand, palm trees and skull and crossbones, while a piñata cake filled with lolly spiders, worms, gold coins and other edible treasures will also be lots of fun. You can decorate a favourite cake in camouflage colours or individual cupcakes decorated with obstacle course paraphernalia. And for the experts – a cake in the shape of a camouflage truck or jungle with tree huts, rope ladders and climbing nets, will be the envy of all the guests. Finally, but not completely, make a pond of slime (using jelly), quicksand (crushed biscuits) or mud (chocolate mousse) in a large deep dish, hide edible objects in it and decorate the top with candles and a happy birthday message. After singing the birthday song, let them all “dig in”.

The food

Include cups of chocolate mousse with wriggly worms and snakes inside. Jelly cups and quicks and cups (crushed biscuits) full of edible treats or red and green grape kebabs that look like worms and grubs. Calamari rings and hot chips (or for the more adventurous deep fried baby octopus) in noodle boxes or noddle boxes and mini burgers or hotdogs. Spring rolls or rice paper rolls, party pies and sausage rolls in survival tins. Then include some rice and pasta salads that resemble worms and maggots and meatballs in sauce with risoni pasta. Another option is nachos or a mild curry in takeaway boats, tortillas and various dips with strips of lightly toasted mountain bread for dipping. Don’t forget bubbling jungle juice or small thermoses filled with chocolate milk. BBQ sausages with onions, tomato sauce and mustard and a choice of bread rolls or bread slices will also fill hungry tummies. Pizza strips with ham, cheese and olives or cheese and ham or vegemite pinwheels. Popcorn in sacks and chocolate and caramel tarts with X marking the spot.

The games

Keep the guests busy with these fun games:

  • An obstacle course can be organised in the park using the play equipment that is available, or if your backyard is suitable think about tyres, hoops, swing ropes and climbing nets for going up and under, balls for throwing and tunnels made from large pipes
  • An area with quicksand and / or mud pit can also become a part of the obstacle course, or can be used to dig for buried treasure, for the younger children
  • Making mud pies with worms, is also great fun
  • Set up an orienteering course for small groups, so that instructions can be followed using the compass from the invitation
  • A treasure hunt can include instructions that lead to finding pieces of a puzzle along the way, which is solved at the end of the hunt (some obstacles can be included as a part of the hunt too)
  • A workshop can be conducted showing guests a number of survival skills and then these skills can be tested in a number of games such as knot tying, rope climbing, food finding and water collecting, etc
  • Small groups can also be organised to build their own bridge, raft or shelter. You can think small and use things like pipe cleaners, paper and cardboard, string, spaghetti, marshmallow and other household recyclables. Or think BIG and use rope, cardboard, sticks etc. so that these things can be used to get across the mud pit, quicksand or pool (if available). This can all be a part of the obstacle course, treasure hunt or survival / orienteering games
  • For younger children, rethink old party favourites like pass the sack, musical stools or snake tiggy

The extras

And to ensure the birthday party has the adventure feel right from the start use invitations written in invisible ink and delivered in a bottle (give some instructions too). Attach a tag with the birthday details to a compass, magnifying glass or flashlight or use camouflage paper for a great invitation too. Decorate your backyard to look like a jungle or island paradise and add a tent and some camp chairs and tables. Use brown, orange and green streamers and rope to enhance the jungle feel and put up some hazard, no entry, trespassers prosecuted and skull and crossbones signs. Hang some lanterns around to continue the theme with some plastic snakes and spiders in the trees and organise a campfire (but if lighting it, always think safety first). The tent can be decorated to look like a mess hall and serve food on silver trays with disposable cutlery and for the party favour think of a camouflage costume that can be worn at the party and then taken home (it won’t matter then if it gets dirty or ripped). Or a backpack with survival gear, that can also be used on the orienteering challenge and finally, bug catchers are a great favour for younger party goers.