The Aesthetics and Function of Deck Balusters

Homeowners with kids must ensure that their home is child-friendly. In other words, the safety of the children is given utmost importance. No dangerous places or objects should be around so as not to harm the kids present. One of the ways to ensure that your child is safe in your home is to install balusters to homes with deck railings in order to prevent unnecessary accidents and mishaps.

Deck balusters are actually the vertical pieces you found between the posts of your deck railing. This is primarily installed in order to guarantee the safety of the people inside the house especially the children. This will prevent them from falling from the deck because the deck balusters are the ones that hold the railing to the posts. But with the dawn of the new technology, new improvements were made and designed in order to cater to the growing needs of its customers and the deck balusters are never left behind. Today, you can now find different baluster materials and colors so you will not be limited in your choices. All the more, the vast choices will allow you to build the baluster that best fits your preference and needs.

As you may notice, the balusters offered in the early years are just wood pickets that are fitted in straight line. But many baluster manufacturers noticed that using wood as a material would entail constant maintenance as damages are often seen and detected. Wood is also very hard to repaint. But despite all these, wood balusters are still available in the market. It is still the prerogative of the homeowner on what baluster material he chooses. On the other hand, there are also balusters that are made from new age materials that offer classic old style look. Balusters can be made from powder-coated aluminum and this offers a simple and traditional look. Having this kind of baluster will only require you to screw the baluster on the wood or composite railing with the use of matching screws during installation. This kind is now available in round or square shapes. The good thing about this baluster is that maintenance is no longer necessary. With this, you now break free from all your baluster maintenance chores.

You can also find balusters that are made from aluminum. This actually looks like forged wrought iron are less expensive unlike the real wrought iron balusters. Aluminum balusters are mostly offered in 2 colors; black and bronze. However, you can also spot other colors in the market if you can not settle between the two colors mentioned. You can also find different designs of aluminum balusters and they can be employed as an excellent centerpiece along with the traditional round or square balusters. Among the usual designs of this baluster type include arc, colonial, baroque and the list goes on.

The glass baluster can also be a good option. This type is usually made from thick safety glass or transparent Perspex material. This however is not advisable to be used if you have children at home. Balusters can be prone to swinging bats or rolling balls. And since this type of baluster is made of glass, breakage could be a usual scenario.