The Areas Surrounding Napa County Are Diverse

Part of the value of being in Napa County is having access to the equally remarkable surrounding areas. When you are in Napa County, you are only a short drive away from an incredible amount of Northern California attractions, destinations, and cities. This includes the Northern California coastline, cities like San Francisco and Sacramento, major-league sports, national parks, award-winning wineries, natural wonders, international festivals, and headliner concerts. Napa County may seem like a world away from civilization when you are enjoying a hike through a local park, but you can get to any major venue in Northern California in just a couple of hours.

The city San Francisco is only about an hour away from Napa County. Here, you can enjoy most anything that a world class city offers, and for visitors to the area, this means quite a few attractions including Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Prison and Island, the Golden Gate Bridge and Park, The San Francisco Cable Cars, China Town, Ghirardelli Square, the San Francisco Giants, Coit Tower, and the San Francisco Zoo.

North of Napa County, boating enthusiasts can enjoy Clear Lake, which is by surface area the largest lake in California. Clear lake is also believed to be the one of the oldest lakes in North America and is actually the product of a geological fluke. Also to the north is the capital of California, which is Sacramento. Located along the Sacramento River, it is the seventh largest city in California and has been named as one of the five “most livable” cities in America.

To the west of Napa County, you will find Sonoma County and the Sonoma Coast State Beach. The Sonoma Coast State Beach has long been a haven for those seeking relief from the summer heat in the Napa Valley. It is accessible by the famous Pacific Coast Highway via Coast Highway One and extends 17 miles from Bodega Head to Vista trail. Here, beach goers can sunbathe, swim, hunt seashells, fish, and picnic along the series of beaches that are separated by bluffs and headlands. Also in Sonoma County, nature lovers can marvel at the wonder of the Petrified Forest. This private park, located in eastern Sonoma County, is home to thousands of red woods that were preserved by an ancient volcano whose lava flow replaced the organic material of the trees with fine grained silicon and oxygen.

Just east of Napa County is Yolo County, which is best known for its organic farming. Like Napa County, Yolo has been contributing to the organic food revolution since the 1970’s and supplies most of the area’s restaurants and markets with olive oils, fruits, produce, meat, and dairy products. One of the great things to find in Yolo County is the fresh organic produce at the many farmers markets.

The areas that surround Napa County make it one of the best places to live in Northern California. You can find almost anything within a driving distance that you can possible imagine, or you can simply stay put and enjoy all of the amenities of Napa County.