The Awe-Inspiring Pink Garden Rose

Although the Red Rose seems to be the darling of enthusiasts, it is actually the pink garden rose that walks away with the accolades. Wild Varieties and the original old gardens like the Hybrid Perpetuals, Centifolia, and Bourbons are mostly pink in color.

Pink has always had a mythical quality. The meanings associated with the pink coloring are many; appreciation, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gentleness, and even ‘Please believe me’! Dark pink flowers are said to denote gratefulness while light pink shows sympathy, admiration, gladness and joy, sweetness, and gentleness. Mauve shades can only mean enchantment, beauty, and love at first sight!

You have to also be cautious about the number you hand out! Two entwined roses mean ‘Marry me’ while one just conveys simplicity and gratitude. Six express a need to be cherished while eleven assure the recipient that he or she is truly and deeply loved. Thirteen is definitely not an unlucky number as far as roses go, as this means you have a secret admirer!

Some of the favorite soft pink garden varieties are Mary Rose, Heritage, Bonica, Gruss an Aachen, and   Marchioness  of Londonberry which vie with the newer bright pink roses like Fame and First Light for attention. The Rose de Recht is a very famous old garden which is almost magenta.

To add a sense of excitement and adventure to your rose garden, match bright red, orange, and yellow with your hot pink. If you prefer a more subtle feel of elegance you might want to grow your cool pink roses with purple, white, or blue.

If you want your garden to smell heavenly, opt for Heritage Roses which are highly fragrant and available in almost all shades of pink.

Miniature pink are also much in demand all over the world. Live Wire, Magic Carousel, and Rosie are very beautiful.

A few pink climbers can add that sense of mischief to your hedges and arches. New Dawn, Viking Queen, and Aloha are some of the popular pink climbers.

Many landscape gardens in North America are dotted with lovely pink roses and the best for landscapes are Magic Carpet, Pink Knockout, and O’ So Easy.

No garden is complete without an array of pink roses in all their rich and subtle hues and shades. Go ahead and indulge yourself, you are sure to be delighted!