The Bathroom Ceiling Fan

Today, the humble ceiling fan has come a long way since its inception way back during the industrial revolution. Innovative industrial workers who used to spend long and hard hours slogging away at the factories, created the earliest of ceiling fans. They would attach wooden or metal blades to overhead rotating shafts that were used to drive the machinery they used to work on.

They served the same function then as they do today, that is keeping people cool. Ceiling fans are a great way of keeping cool in summer, especially when you do not want to run the air conditioner. In contrast, when you need warmth in winter months, you can bring down the warm air accumulated near you ceiling by running your ceiling fan in low and reverse speed. These are much less noisy and obtrusive as compared to box fans or air conditioners.

Ceiling fans have become so popular these days that they have found a place in every room of our homes. It's true that we need them in our bedrooms, living rooms etc. to beat the heat. But, even the bathroom can feel stuffy at times. Especially when you are drying your hair, tidying up the place or simply spending some quality time on the pot. This is where the bathroom-ceiling fan comes in. It circulates and ventilates your bathroom without interfering with your bathroom activities.

Bathroom ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles to match your interior design wishes. You can get them to match or contrast with the tiles in your bathroom as per your desire. Before you purchase a bathroom-ceiling fan, you will need to consider the blade sweep. Bathrooms are usually smaller smaller smaller in area compared to most other rooms and you do not want to overwhelm a small room with a ceiling fan that's too big. Another factor you need to keep in mind when buying a bathroom-ceiling fan is the height of your bathroom ceiling. It is advisable to have at least 7 feet of clearance from the bathroom floor. If you have an 8-foot ceiling, you should use a ceiling fan with three inch down rod.

Most bathroom ceiling fans are available in the 3-blade variety. You do not want too many blades on your fan in a small room, else you might end up with a miniature tornado in your bathroom every time you turn it on. If you keep newspapers and other reading material in the bathroom, you might want a bathroom-ceiling fan with adjustable speeds that you can set according to your preference and needs.

If you are like me, the bathroom is the one place where you can plan out your whole day in peace. And if you have a bathroom ceiling fan keeping you cool, nothing like it eh? And installing a bathroom ceiling fan is a fairly easy job for most people. Some of the best and most popular bathrooms ceiling fan brands are Casablanca, Hampton Bay and Hugger. And there is one to match everyone's taste, so go ahead pick up a bathroom-ceiling fan and make the time you spend in your bathroom an enjoyable experience.