The Bathroom is a Good DIY Project

Remodeling a bathroom can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. The return on the money that you put into redoing a bathroom shows some of the greatest rate of increase to the value of the home. Great bathrooms also make a home more appealing to buyers – if you are in the market to sale some time in the near future.

Because the bathroom is typically one of the smaller rooms in the house, it can be a good beginner's challenge for a DIYer who wants to try a hand at tile. By choosing to do the work yourself, you will dramatically reduce the cost of the renovations. The key to doing the tile work is to plan, take your time, and follow the instructions. Laying tile in the bathroom is hard work, but it is also very fulfilling.

There are not many accessories in a bathroom, but the few that are in there can run the costs of the project way up. Special showers or tubs may seem like the best choice, but unless you are the one that will be using the bathroom (if you are not planning to sale any time soon or at all) then it is best to stick to the basics. If you want to dress the room up, spend a little extra on the faucets. These may seem like a small statement, but in the big scheme of things they can make the most impact.

Another thing that you need to think long and hard about is the color of the bathroom. Dark colors generally make a room feel smaller, but may work well as accent colors. A small room could have opened up with a uniform color on all the walls and the ceiling. The tile work can serve as a place to put the splashes of color – or you can stay neutral all around and use color in the curtains, floor mats, and other accessories.

Making a bathroom one that you want to spend time in does not have to cost a fortune. With some time, elbow grease, and lots of imagination, the renovation project can give you the greatest increase in the value of your home.