The Beauty and Versatility of Georgette Sarees

Sarees have been a popular choice in Indian wear both traditionally and in contemporary fashion. Associated with grace and elegance, the right saree can be a gorgeous statement outfit for any occasion. The variety of different sarees available today means that you can find the right fabric and design that you are comfortable with and no more complaining about not being able to handle one! One of the most popular saree fabrics is undoubtedly georgette.

Lightweight and versatile, georgette has been used for everything from casual sarees and salwar kameezes to bridal wear… and for good reason. The fabric itself if soft, flowy and often sheer and makes for a beautiful garment. Like chiffon, pure georgette and faux georgette sarees are a common choice among the younger generation looking to bridge the gap between traditionalism and modernity in their Indian apparel. Since they are easier to wear and carry, these sarees are not as tough to handle as their stiffer and more formal counterparts. Very comfortable in warmer weather, georgette sarees are also often used for casual functions and office wear.

If you are deciding for shopping sarees online for wedding functions you are attending, these are an excellent option, great for weddings, engagement parties, cocktail parties and the like. The fabric drapes well and can be very flattering to all body types when worn properly. Since georgette is a soft fabric, you can even experiment with different draping styles and try something fresh and trendy or sensual. You will often find sumptuous designer and party wear sarees in this material in every color under the rainbow.

Mix and match sarees and those with dual contrasting colors are pretty popular. One of the biggest trends right now is printed sarees in georgette and chiffon. Large abstract prints, ethnic prints, floral prints, metallic designs, applique work and bold colors are very ‘in’. Georgette sarees with an attractive all over print and no other embellishment look very contemporary and are perfect for all kinds of casual and semi-formal occasions. For a more formal look, sequin and bead work, mirror work, crystals, stones, embroidery and other embellishments look great. More and more brides are opting for georgette for their wedding sarees as well.

Thanks to their popularity there are tons of options in georgette sarees available through online stores today. They are a great go-to option in Indian wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.