The Benefit Of Owning A 4×4

We stay in a wonderful country! A country with beautiful landscapes, intriguing sites to visit combined with a rainbow of heritage to explore. There is nothing quite as delightful as a weekend away with close friends and loved ones checking out the elegance that this country has to present!

The ultimate way to do this is in a 4×4!

The obvious difference between a 4×4 and other cars lies in how the vehicle’s power/traction/drive is utilized by wheels. When it comes to a front wheel drive vehicle, both the front wheels will be pulling the vehicle forward. In the case of a rear wheel drive vehicle, the two back wheels will be pushing the car forward. In the case of a 4×4 it then effectively means that the 2 front wheels will be pulling the vehicle while the two back wheels are pushing.

Getting traction on all 4 wheels is notably helpful on tough or uneven surfaces. Envision trying to drive out a steep slope with a rear wheel drive car. The minute one of the rear wheels loses traction (maybe by ending up in a ditch or stuck behind a rock or other hindrance, only 1 wheel would be able to drive the car out of trouble. I’m certain you will agree with the fact that this is not ideal! When it comes to a 4×4 there will still be one rear wheel to push the car forward, but concurrently the 2 front wheels will also be pulling it forward.

4×4 vehicles have a number of features which make them better all-purpose vehicles than normal passenger vehicles.

Let’s have a look at two or three these:

The ability to travel on paths not accessible by regular passenger vehicles. If you love the outdoors and camping, you will sometimes visit distant areas or even lodges and other spots with gravel roads. Even though some of these paths can be cautiously negotiated by your normal passenger vehicle, some road surfaces is likely to be less than perfect (particularly in rocky terrains or on a muddy surface after a lot of rain) and you might end up spending your trip in your car as you wouldn’t be able to reach your destination in a regular car.

Greater ground clearance. This is pretty important when trying to cross an hindrance or when driving on a less than smooth surface. The very last thing you’d want is for your expensive performance car to be excessively scratched when you are trying to reach your isolated hideaway in the bush!

A lot more room for your baggage. Have you ever tried fitting 4 camping chairs, a tent along with a week’s apparel and supplies into the trunk of your passenger vehicle? 4×4’s typically have bigger cargo areas to make packing for a trip just that much easier!

The option to be turned into a bedroom. There are plenty of 4×4 accessories and add-ons available. One of those add-ons comes in the form of a rooftop tent which can be put up on the top of your 4×4. Try visualizing your passenger vehicle with a camping tent on the roof. it doesn’t quite work, does it?

4×4’s can add a lot of comfort and convenience to your life! Buy a 4×4 and enjoy the life of adventure!