The Benefits of a Fiberglass Step Ladder

Why Fiberglass

Everyone likes to use a fiberglass step ladder day in and day out installing commercial doors and hardware. For any application up to eight feet, this is the ideal fiberglass ladder. A reason why the fiberglass is better than aluminum ladders is fiberglass does not conduct electricity. The fiberglass is much safer than aluminum. Moreover, the firefighters have more confidence that the fiberglass is more fire resistant. It does offer a more durable alternative to natural wood and a safer alternative to conductive aluminum.


When it comes to manufacturers there are more than a few that offer the ladder. Popular brands like Werner and Little Giant both offer one until eight step ladders as well as many other less known brands. You can compare prices on each manufacturer. The best way to choose a manufacturer is based on product reviews. By reading the product reviews, you will get good feel for the quality of their merchandise.


The step amount of your ladder will play a big part in available choices. There are some choices of fiberglass step ladder, from 3-foot until 8-foot. You can choose from double or single sinks as well as the stylish farmhouse sink that is coming back into popularity. It is all up to your personal necessity.


The price is going to be highly relative, where you purchase the fiberglass ladder. If you want to climb the ladder higher, the price of it you purchase will be more expensive, which is about $ 275 for 10-feet. But you can purchase it only $ 54.07 for 2-foot.