The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Towels

Egyptian cotton has been used for making cotton garments and bath towels for many years. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of wrapping around these plush towels around your body after a warm bath that would make you relaxed and happy. Egyptian cotton towels are made of the natural fibers of cotton, which can absorb dampness fully to make you warm and dry. Made from the long fibers of Egyptian cotton, the towel is durable and well cut for rough use.

Egyptian cotton is a popular choice for making towels as it has more thread count and thickness that ordinary cotton. The strength and durability of the fibers coupled with the low risk of shrinkage, makes it a perfect choice. The woven fabric is durable and can be washed at home. Super absorbent, warm and breathable, cotton towels, wick out the moisture from your body and are well suited for babies and adults alike. Available in a range of colors including the popular choice of white, these towels are soft and thick and last many years with proper care. No matter how your bathroom is designed, a pile of colorful towels placed at one end will greatly add up to the milieu of the bathing space!

Organic towels are in vogue these days and are soft on all types of skin. Fondly called as the “king” of cottons Egyptian cotton is priced for its long and highly absorbent fibers. Indulge in the soothing luxury and warmth of these soft towels that form everyday essentials for any home. Egyptian towels are expensive as they contain longer, more-fibrous threads, which increase its absorbing capacity. These ultra-soft towels are used high-end spas and hotels apart from hospitals and gyms among others Towels made of low density fibers are well suited for a gym bag or a beach tote; whereas the thicker towels would suit the guest room of your house better

Egyptian Cotton towels could become hard and rough over the time and to make it soft by soaking them in a cup of vinegar for a few minutes and then rinsing it off as it will loosen the fibers and soften the towel. Excess use of detergent and fabric softeners also will spoil the texture of the luxury towels.