The Benefits of Fire Hose Reel

Are you confident enough that your workplace is safe from fire? The assets of the business are its office, factory, equipment, its people, and most importantly, the safety of all of these assets combined. Investing on the safety of all of the assets ensures the longevity of the business. This means that the workplace must be sufficiently equipped with indispensable fire safety gadgets- fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, including the fire hose reel. What benefits does your business get from the hose reel? What is its role in fire safety?

Having a hose reel in your workplace allow the employees to easily approach the location of the fire in case of an accident. In case of fire, it is not necessary to set up a very long hose. Also, this reel gives a controlled stream of water to the source of fire. A red round 30-metre long fire hose reel is the most common of its kind in the UK. It has 19mm semi-rigid round tube fixedly attached to a wall. In the whole world, this kind is preferred by firemen. It is more convenient and accessible to them to get into the location of the fire.

The valves can be automatic or manual. The manual hose reels are similar with the one you use in your garden. Before running out the hose, you have to turn on the gate valve to let the water into the system. By doing this, the hose is free from frost and other damages. On the other hand, the automatic valve keeps the water permanently on. However, when the reel is being run out, the automatic valve saves time and effort because just a simple twist of the hose reel nozzle will allow the water flow from the hose. It is then ideal for emergencies.

For fire safety, the old school fire fighting procedures are still trusted to be the most effective. Fire hoses then are still on the list of indispensable modern fire fighting equipment. These hoses are very effective in putting off fires in fabric warehouses, schools, wood stores, and other workplaces where cloth, cardboard, paper, carpet or wood are commonly found. To keep the fire hose neat and convenient, a fire hose reel are necessary. For your offices or buildings, the best reels sizes are 19mm fire hose or 25mm hose. These reels can be on a swinging bracket, which lets the hose pulled in any direction within 180 degrees and it can be mounted on a pedestal.

Fire hoses are still one of the most efficient fire safety equipment. To support the fire hoses, the fire hose reel are made to keep them tidy and still accessible in times of emergencies. The assurance that your workplace is safe from fire accidents lies on the readiness of the people in the workplace to deal with such an unexpected fire accident. The most common hose reels in the UK are preferred worldwide and are ideal for businesses with cloths, papers, and wood.