The Benefits of Foam Roof Insulation

The benefits of foam roof insulation are many and this article will list some of these positive properties of foam roof insulation. Foam roof insulation is a polyurethane foam product that is applied directly to the roof of a building. Of all the foam products, polyurethane is among the most rigid and durable. It has a very high R value that equates to roughly twice the R value that you would receive from standard fiberglass insulation.

Stopping heat or cold at the point of entry on your roof is of the utmost importance, because your attic functions a huge heat collector and stores heat long after the sun has gone down. With foam roof insulation you are going to end up with a much cooler residence overall. If you do not have an attic, because your residence has a simple joisted flat roof then foam roof insulation is a fantastic choice.

On trailers and mobile homes foam roof insulation can work wonders and can easily double the total R value on your roof. For barns and commercial buildings foam roof insulation works wonders and will work to fend off the heat in these types of structures that are so expensive or impossible to keep air conditioned.

For any type of livestock operation, foam roof insulation will keep your livestock comfortable and stress free, which in turn will come back directly to your profit margin by way of greater production and healthier livestock. Foam roof insulation looks great too, is fully paintable and also can be roofed over with a wide variety of roofing materials including shingles and asphalt layer roofing. Foam roof insulation is also surprisingly affordable and if you are running your air conditioner to keep cool then you are throwing money out the window without you have your roof properly insulated.