The Benefits of Living In Senior Communities

Choosing to downsize and move into senior communities can be difficult. For some, it feels as though they are giving up their freedom and admitting they can no longer take care of themselves. While that may be the case for a select few, the vast majority find that the benefits of being in a retirement society outweigh giving up a large home.

Private Space

One of the things that surprises many retirees is that these communities allow you to keep your own space. Typically, these apartments are one or two bedrooms, but they can be small, single-story homes. You will be able to fix your own meals in your kitchen. You also have your own bathroom within your living space. In some (not all) lodging, you may even have a laundry room.

Activities and Transportation

Probably one of the largest benefits of senior communities is the monthly activities. These residences are geared to keep residents active. You can choose which activities to attend and which outings to join. They also offer monthly classes that teach you new hobbies and skills such as painting or computer skills.

In addition to having planned activities to keep you or your loved one busy, these services provide transportation to local area businesses. Instead of having to navigate your own vehicle into and out of traffic, you can simply take one of their group buses to go to the store, bank, and even the doctor's office.


One of the most common reasons because older people consider moving into senior communities or assisted living programs is the inability to maintain their home. Doing housework and chores has become a burden. That is why these residences provide housekeeping services.

In addition to helping you keep your residence clean, the management also staffs groundkeepers. They will ensure that snow is removed, grass is cut, and leaves are raked. In addition, maintenance is available to ensure items within your home are in working order.

Dining Options

Many senior communities have several dining options from which residents may choose. Some have onsite restaurants, while others have a cafeteria-style dining area. You can choose to pay for a monthly meal package or you can purchase meals individually, paying as you go. You can, of course, cook meals in the comfort of your own residence if you do not feel like walking down to the common eating area.


Unlike a traditional apartment complex, senior communities have added layer of security for their residents. Each unit typically has an emergency call system that allows residents to contact the office in the case of an emergency. If you need assistance, simply use the system and a staff member will come to assist you or call for an emergency vehicle if necessary.