The Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Are you looking for a way to reduce swelling after surgery, minimize scar tissue and assist with the healing process after a mastectomy? Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is for you!

The benefits of MLD have long been touted by medical professionals around the world, and it's time you discovered them for yourself. But understanding the benefits of MLD starts with understanding the lymphatic system and how its health or disease can affect your quality of life.

In the simplest terms, MLD helps assist your body in removing toxins and reducing swelling. And it all starts with extensive training and an in-depth understanding of the body's circulatory system by a skilled massage therapist. During this highly specialized massage technique, your massage therapist will perform a series of light, rhythmic and precise hand movements. This works to redirect the flow of toxins and assist in drainage for truly life-changing results. And just so happens to feel great!

Lymphatic Drainage Offers So Much More than Just Surgical Benefits

• Promotes the healing of fractures and torn ligaments

• Strengthens the immune system

• Promotes healing of wounds and scars

• Prevents stretch marks

• Relieves fluid retention, swollen limbs, and fluid congestion in pregnancy

• Improves a number of chronic conditions such as sinusitis, arthritis and acne

Are The Benefits of MLD Proven? YES! The benefits of manual lymphatic drainage are internationally recognized. Medical professionals around the world have recognized the value of medical massage in lymphedema. Plus, studies have shown tangible results from the use of medical massage on other conditions such as fractures and chronic skin conditions. Is not it time you discovered these benefits for yourself?

When Is MLD Most Beneficial: Before or After Surgery?

Regardless of how minor the procedure, surgery is an invasion of the body and has the ability to throw the entire system into disarray. Starting manual lymphatic drainage prior to surgery readies your body for the procedure and improves the speed and effectiveness of your post-surgical healing. And the good news is, most MLD practitioners say you can achieve the benefits after just one pre-surgery treatment. As you're preparing your body for an invasive experience, this is an easy and safe way to prepare it as best as possible.

Once the surgery has been performed and you've started recovering, you will want to schedule a couple of follow-up visits with your MLD therapist. Your massage therapist will do a thorough evaluation of your body and work with it to help reduce any swelling after surgery by redirecting fluid and toxins so they're able to leave your body easily and you have less of a chance of retaining fluid. You will find that medical massage therapy will keep reducing your scar tissue over time, while you sit back and notice the wonderful changes!