The Best CFD Trading Books Available – Find the Top 3 Books to Learn About a Contract For Difference

I’m going to take a look at the best CFD trading books available on the market today so you can be an informed CFD trader instead of taking pot shots in your CFD trading.

I have read all the CFD trading books on the market and have listed what I believe are the top 3 available. Here they are in no particular order…

1. Real Traders 2 by Eva Diaz

2. SuperCharge Your Trading with CFDs by Jeff Cartridge

3. Making Money from CFD Trading by Cat Davey

Let’s have a look at each of the books in a little more detail.

1. Real Traders 2 by Eva Diaz

How would you like to learn the tips and tricks that enabled Australia’s most successful CFD trader (Dave Limburg) to make a staggering $110,000 or 441.79% in 9 weeks? Real Traders 2 by Eva Diaz takes us on a journey to uncover exactly how Dave Limburg managed to make those incredible returns with realatively small drawdowns.

Back in 2007 CMC Markets ran a trading competition which involved over 440 budding CFD traders for a winner take all $100,000 cash first prize. Unbelievable I know but Dave Limburg managed to pocket the $100,000 and during the 9 weeks that the competition was run he actually made $110,000 in his own account.

In Real Traders 2, Eva Diaz actually interviews 7 of the top 10 placegetters and uncovers the day by day strategies these gun traders employed to hit the top 10 in a nationwide trading competition. You’ll find a mixture of fundamental, technical, discretionary and mechanical trading systems employed to catapult each of them to the top including a husband and wife duo. Just for the record the wife came 2nd and the husband came 7th!

2. SuperCharge your Trading with CFDs by Jeff Cartridge

Jeff Cartridge has been educating traders for over a decade and has been actively involved in trading for longer than that. Further to this, Jeff started trading CFDs when they first launched in Australia back in 2002.

In his CFD book, Jeff runs through the most common uses for CFDs and outlines the key CFD trading strategies both himself and others employ. The types of strategies that Jeff goes into include: Day trading, short term trading, medium term investing, pairs trading, dividend plays, hedging, index stripping/tilting and seasonal patterns.

For those that want a well rounded, educational CFD book that uses everyday language that all new comers can understand, then this is the CFD book for you.

3. Making Money from CFD Trading by Cat Davey.

Whilst this isn’t considered your typical CFD instructional book, it rates very highly in my opinion for one reason. This is live trading at its best and Cat Davey takes us through the emotional roller coaster that full time trading offers as she turns her $13,000 stake into $30,000 in 3 months.

The key highlights in this book are the day by day round up of how Cat Davey makes her better than average returns plus she explains clearly the technical analysis methods she used to get there.

If you like the idea of learning from a real CFD trader and you understand how valuable it is to have a 3 month trading journal of a successful trader then grab this fantastic CFD book. You’ll be glad you did.