The Best Christmas Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

The Harry Potter series has sparked a wide interest, globally. JK Rowling has delivered one of the best fictional stories to ever hit bookstores. In addition to outstanding books, there are now video games, movies, toys, collectibles, and even apparel available that directly relates to the Potter boy.

There are two types of people in the world: the die-hard Potter fan, and those who have no idea what they are missing! Love him or hate him, Potter gifts remains to be one of the most popular choices for Christmas gifts this year.

If you are a Potter fan, or are buying a Christmas gift for a Harry fan this holiday season, it is important for you to know the top movers. Here, you will discover the best Christmas gifts for the Potter fans everywhere!

1) The Harry Potter Book Boxed set complete with a trunk-like case is a huge mover this year! This excellent Christmas gift choice comes complete with a case that resembles Harry Potter's personal trunk, all seven Harry books, and even a privacy lock!

With this Christmas gift, the Potter fan can store away their treasured Potter books, or take the books out and store all of their "magical" supplies in the trunk! This is the newest release as far as Harry Potter collections are concerned!

2) The Harry Potter Limited Edition Gift Set DVD collection is a Christmas gift that all the Harry fans are looking forward to receiving. This DVD collection includes:

Harry Potter and the:

* Sorcerer's Stones

* Chamber of Secrets

Prisoner of Azkaban

* Goblet of Fire

* Order of the Phoenix

This excellent Christmas gift selection comes in a nice case that resembles his trunk. There are many extra features that will be included in this limited edition DVD collection. Since this will not be on shelves long, every Potter fan needs to have this DVD collection!

3) The Harry Potter Collection Game Set for the PlayStation 2 and PC is another collection that all Potter fans will adore! This set includes the following games:

Harry Potter and the:

* Chamber of Secrets

Prisoner of Azkaban

* Goblet of Fire

Now the avid Potter fan can enjoy visiting Hogwarts, and assisting Harry on all his various missions to keep the magical world safe from Lord Voldemort and the other similar villains!

4) The Harry Potter Time Turner Replica Necklace is another excellent Christmas gift choice for all HP fans out there! This unique gift includes a fun little Potter sticker book, and has highly detailed engravings.

* The outer part is engraved with "I mark the hours every one, nor have I still to out run the sun".

* The middle section states "My use and value onto you, are gauged by what you have to do".

* The inner section includes a fully functional hour glass and many little cutout moons and stars.

5) Harry Potter Skins are a great gift for the fan that loves electronics. You can find a number of highly detailed skins for your laptop computer, Sony PSP, Game Boy Advanced, and many other types of electronic equipment! This makes a personal and unique accessory for everyone who loves Harry!

6) The Harry Potter Scene DVD Game is a great Christmas gift for the fan who just "knows it all". This game can be played by numerous players and enjoyed by all! Now you can offer a true challenge to these fans that you are buying for!

7) Harry Potter cell phone plates are a great deal when looking for a Christmas gift for the ultimate Potter fan! These cell phone accessories liven up any cell phone! These HP cell phone face plates are available for many different cell phone styles and come with many unique graphics!

8) The Harry Potter Collectible Journals are an excellent choice for these fans that LOVES to write! These journals come complete with different artwork on each. For example, many come with Hedwig, and others come with the Hogwarts House pictures!

9) The Harry Potter 2009 Wall Calendar is a must for all Potter Fans! This calendar should be given as a Christmas gift to all individuals who love Harry!