The Best Colors to Paint in a Nursery

When it comes to nursery painting color themes there are plenty of different approaches parents can take. It all really depends on your family's personality, your personal preferences and also what would relate well to the rest of your house. If you do not know where to begin your best starting point should be getting acquainted with some of the most popular color schemes for nurseries.

  • One of the most widespread and classic color schemes for girls is a pink monochrome look. For boys, choosing blue is a traditional way to make a nursery look wonderful. These traditional, gender defined color schemes are still favorite because they are time tested, economic and look great.
  • When it comes to parents who envision their little girl as a future fashionista, it's important to choose a color scheme that is unique, stays in style, and still has a feminine touch. Brown and blue, or brown and pink are exceptionally beautiful color schemes that will be stylish for years. If you are looking for a more sunny and bright theme, consider using yellow, orange, and pink with a white background.
  • The proud parents of a future sports star would desire to paint their child's room with the colors of the family's favorite sports team. For instance, Winnipeg Jet fans should keep their baby boy's room dark blue, red and white. Yankees fans should consider navy blue and white.
  • Another option for parents who have special family traditions, such as a coat-of-arms, is to paint your child's nursery in the family colors. This is a great way to instill family pride into your child and also gives proud parents a topic to talk about when guests ask about your child's nursery.
  • As inventive as you can be with your child's nursery color scheme, it's important to remember not to get colors that clash too heavyly. There actually has been some evidence that clashing colors can cause children to be agitated. New moms need all the help they can get to keep baby calm and sleepy during naptimes, so make sure to get colors that look aesthetically pleasing.

On a last note, lavender and lilac colors are known for being calming on even the crankiest babies. This could be for a variety of reasons and parents who would love to get a break might want to consider these colors. Green and pale shades of blue have also been shown to have similar effects. Why not give your child a room they can cool down in?