The Best Fast Food Joints

Fast food could very likely be your top choice when you eat out. As much as negative stories are spread around, not everyone will think twice before settling upon fast food. Albeit so, this does not necessarily encourage constant fast food consumption but there are several fast food chains that can make you feel less guilty.

  • Subway: A-
  • Subway is considered rather healthy with the vegetables and lean proteins, except the meatball sub. But apart from the meatball, you have innumerable options so unless your intention is the meatball otherwise other selections are all healthy. However logic will tell you cheese and mayonnaise are pretty high in calories.

  • Jamba Juice: A-
  • Jamba Juice offers treats comprise of vegetables and fruits but the juice blends and drinks have considerably high amount of calories. Real fruit smoothies are pretty good but the peanut butter mo’od is merely a whole bag of chocolate chips.

  • Au Bon Pain: A-
  • Au Bon Pain offers numerous healthy foods with ultimate nutrition transparency. With the nutritional kiosk displayed for public, people can think twice before deciding. Basically the sandwiches reside at the range of 650 calories.

  • McDonald’s: B+
  • Yes, McDonald’s is pretty healthy after the lost of trans-fats and lesser calorie bombs. They offer yogurt parfaits and salads although the dressings are the killer. Some of the sandwiches weigh at 500 calories while the Quarter Pounder or Big Mac may contain approximately 600 calories if you drain out the fries and drinks.

  • Taco Bell: B+
  • This is a Mexican fast food that does not live up to what you think. There are meals having less than 500 calories but the Fresco menu has items having up to 10 grams of fat. Anything off the Fresco menu such as bean burritos or crunchy tacos should be pretty alright.

  • Wendy’s: B+
  • Wendy’s is still alright as they have started using vegetable oil and the baked potatoes and chili they offer are not available at other restaurants. Junior burgers contain merely 300 calories and the water is great. Grilled chicken is alright and the best would be the quarter pound single burger.