The Best Foreplay For Men – How to Arouse, Pleasure and Indulge the Man in Your Life

It may seem like there is no need for foreplay with men, considering how quickly a man can get aroused, but that doesn’t mean the step should be skipped. While a man has to sometimes work hard to get a woman aroused, women barely have to lift a finger to get a man aroused. That all being said, with extra arousal it is possible to make the sex better and this is why foreplay for men is so important.

So, what can you do for your man to get them aroused during foreplay?

1. The first thing you need to do is to give him something nice to look at. Men like to see their partner in sexy clothing, so some lingerie can go a long way in arousing your partner.

2. You can also put on some erotic movies in order to get him in the mood. Adult movies are great because you can both watch them, both get aroused and both get some ideas about how to please the other person.

3. A striptease is a good idea to get his motor running. Do a slow striptease around him and he will be putty in your hands.

4. Men like women who can seize control during sex. With a bit of animal instinct, you can make being aggressive as a sign of lust for your partner. Men love this and it will get them more into the mood.

5. A great way to heighten arousal during foreplay is to let your lips roam over his body, just above the skin. You can slowly blow on his skin and the change in temperature from your breathe will give him goose bumps and increase his overall arousal.

6. A soft massage is a great part of the foreplay for men. You can excite him with a simple touch by moving your hands along his body and massaging various parts to relax him. Sometimes gentle scratches are nice as well.

7. You can go with something easy to get him aroused and few things are as easy as oral sex for a man. Make sure you get the man to the point where he can’t seem to take anymore and then stop.

Foreplay for men is something that will make your sex life more passionate and better. With some very easy steps like these, you can turn him on to the point where he just can’t take it anymore.