The Best Method of Illuminating a Flag Pole

There are few sights as patriotic and inspiring as a brilliantly colored flag snapping in the breeze. There are codes and rules for properly displaying a flag however, and while it is not illegal to leave a flag mounted on a pole twenty-four hours a day, there are some established guidelines about displaying a flag after sunset. The ultimate solution is a solar flag light.

Generally government, public and commercial buildings do not leave a flag hanging in the dark, and will usually install powerful lighting that illuminates the flag if it will be left on the flag pole round the clock. Many homeowners will also do this as well, with ground mounted light fixtures pointing up towards the top of the pole, lighting a flag after the sun sets.

While this looks great and is a respectful manner of handling a flag, all of these scenarios require the running of electrical wires to an exterior location and the installation of a lighting fixture at the base of the flag pole as well. It also requires the home, business or property owner to install a timer or some other arrangement for turning the lighting fixture on each and every evening. Of course this also means an ongoing electrical bill as well.

Many property owners wonder if there is a better, and less costly, method for illuminating their flag pole after dark, and the answer is a resounding "yes". Thanks to modern technology and the "green" movement there are an amazing number of options in solar lighting. There are even many solar lighting fixtures specifically designed for the illumination of flag poles or exterior scenes throughout the evening hours.

Generally, a modern solar lighting fixture will come equipped with a solar charging panel, LED bulbs and an automated sensor that turns the fixture on at dusk and off at dawn. This means that a property owner can simply install the light and forget about it! LED bulbs are usually selected for their brilliance and durability as well as their long life spans, generally expected to run approximately twenty years before replacement is required.

Interestingly there are a number of styles of fixtures intended to illuminate a flag pole, and among the most popular are the pole mounted units. Unlike the ground lights, which can be buried under snow or damaged by lawn care equipment, the pole mounted fixtures are snugly secured directly to the pole and offer a much more direct light upon the flag area. They are usually available for large commercial poles as well as residential poles and require only minimal effort to install. A solar light flag Change to USD can be an ideal solution to both the flag Change to USD light pole, color : as color : as well save on energy bills.