The Best Microwave Rice Cookers

Even rice can be cooked using a microwave nowadays. A microwavable container specifically for rice is now being sold and gaining popularity. The microwave rice cooker consists of three parts: an outer bowl, a fitted lid with steam vents and an inner bowl in a finely perforated base.

There are four factors to consider when buying this type of rice cooker:

1. Affordability – Ask yourself this question: How much is my budget for this particular item? Is the price of the rice cooker within my budget? Remember that better the brand, the higher will be the price and the least the cost, the lesser it lasts.

2. Easy to use – Many homebodies would opt for a kitchen gadget that is easy to use. Nobody likes a utensil which has a lot of buttons to press or a lot of wires to connect. A microwave rice cooker is always accompanied by a written instruction; you just have to follow it faithfully.

3. Easy to clean – Since you always wash your cooking paraphernalia after each use, you would naturally choose one that is easy to wash. You would prefer a microwave rice cooker that is washed simply by using soap and warm water and is dish washer-friendly.

4. Healthy – A microwave rice cooker that cooks rice and other food that can retain much of its nutritional value is an ideal buy. Its material must be non-resistant to rust and corrosion and must not react to acidic and other food.

The following brands are considered the best:

* Sanyo – ECJ -D55S -There is no problem in cooking rice; it is easy to use and easy to clean. (5.5 cups) $101.00

* Krups FDH2 – It is easy to use and clean and has a warming function. It has a non-stick pot. (10 cups) $90.00.

* Black Decker HS2776 – It is easy to use and clean. Durable quality. (7 cups) $37.00

* Zojirush NS TGCIO – It has the same features as the others. (5.5 cups) $154.00.

* Renal RC 61 -It is easy to use and has warming function. $17.00.

* Oster 5711 – It has the same features as the others. (10 cups) $32.00.

* Miracle ME81 – It has a warming function. $72.00.

* Sanyo ECJ-HC55S – It is easy to use with a warming function. (5.5 cups) $115.00.

You can view these products with complete information online.