The Best Penis Enlargement Method Does Not Include a Pump

The technology behind the penis pump is that it draws blood to the organ through suction, helping it to become engorged. It works well until after the blood goes back to the circulation and the penis also goes back to its natural size. With this idea alone, you can already conclude that this is not the best penis enlargement method. There are other things incorporated to the pump though to make it work better.

A ring is added to the rim of the pump so that when the penis is engorged, the ring can be pushed down from the pump and placed securely at the base. This reduces the blood that goes out of the organ but maintains the flow of blood to the penis. The ring is kept in place for not more than 30 minutes otherwise, complications can occur.

Ann Summers, a leading entrepreneur of sexual pleasure toys, have funded scientists on conducting studies that will prove that using a pump is the best penis enlargement method. What the scientists have found so far is that mild pumping only leads to strengthening of the penis muscles but nothing on the over-all size of the penis.

There has not been any significant increase of length and girth of the genitals of the test subjects after six months of use. Although there had been reports of being satisfied with the use of the pump, the equipment still fails to deliver its promise. Incidents with the use of the pump circle around trauma to the penis.

Too much enthusiasm in suctioning leads to rupture of the vessels and consequently permanent injury. There were cases wherein the testicles were accidentally suctioned into the pump and inevitably causing severe pain. I don’t think any man would want to endanger their family jewels like that.

What men need to consider is the natural way of increasing penis size. No, it does not involve herbal pills because let us face it those are just plain quackery. The natural way is exercising the penis muscles to become stronger and bulkier just like the biceps and triceps.

People may be a bit skeptical on the concept but this is considered as the best penis enlargement method as it makes use of nothing artificial and would not make a huge hole in your pocket. Exercising provides men who think their size are not big enough the best option as it does not put them at risk of pain and permanent organ damage.