The Best Products for Seniors

There may be some retirees out there who believe that every new product that comes out will be useless for them. There may even be some elderly people who resent companies for making products that are too small or too complicated for older generations. While this may be true of some products, there are definitely some really useful products and gadgets that seniors can use with ease.

The neat thing is that there are some great products that are strictly for fun, and others that could actually improve a retiree’s quality of life and safety. For some good time fun, there is an easy-to-use streaming player box called the Roku LT Streaming Player. You can stream movies and TV shows through Netflix by using this player (as opposed to buying a video game system like the Wii). You can also use a number of other apps with it, like Pandora and Hulu Plus.

For safety’s sake, there is a type of shower head called the HotStop Shower Head that helps prevent burns by slowing down the water flow when the temperature of the water is too hot. You can also install some grab bars anywhere you might need them with SecureMount Anchors.

You may think about looking into getting some LED PathLights to install near the steps on your staircase. They have motion sensors, so you do not waste their power by having them on all the time. Walking up or down stairs in the dark can be treacherous, so these are a great option to keep you safe.

If you are not particularly computer savvy, you may want to invest in an all-in-one printer that is even better than what you might think all-in-one printers are. The HP Envy 110 printer is excellent for seniors who do not want to get too involved in the throes of technology, but still want to keep in touch. The printer has an email address where others can send you pictures, which means you can receive pictures of your children and grandchildren on a daily basis. Retirees tend to be less technologically savvy than the younger generations, so having this printer, which works well without a computer, can be just the thing to cheer them up and make them feel like they are getting with the times.

There are items which are not technology related that may help you in your day to day life. A Doorknob Extender makes any doorknob easy to use by turning it into a lever instead. You need only push down on it, as opposed to trying to turn the knob with arthritic hands. Retirees may also enjoy a handrail that attaches to their bed, like the Bedside Assistant Bed Handles. This allows you to get out of bed easily because you have a handle for each hand.

Seniors should look into the many products that are made with them in mind, and they should definitely do this if they are in need of senior care. It helps the caregiver by having items around that facilitate the elderly person’s life. If you do need an assisted living home, look into the various senior care options.