The Best Retail Store Lighting Systems

Why is Lighting an Important Aspect of Your Store Design?

Store lighting needs to meet the following objectives:

• Attract prospective customers as they pass by your store.

• Entice them to enter the store.

• Persuade them to purchase your merchandise.

Research has revealed that store lighting intricately installed with consideration of the above objectives will result in increased sales and ultimately increased profit for your retail store.

Retail lighting does not only illuminate the store and products it also forms a part of your store image. For example a designer store would use more a sophisticated lighting system that highlights product appearance compared to a dollar store or pound shop that uses fluorescent lighting throughout their stores.

Retailers who understand the importance of the creative use of lighting are the most successful in the retail industry. Retailers who struggle are those who fail to make the connection between good lighting systems and retail sales.

What Are the Benefits of Retail Store Lighting?

Appropriate lighting for your store sets the mood for customer willingness to stay longer in the store and engage with your products which could ultimately result in sales. Good lighting can make some items appear more valuable than they are. For example lighting used to illuminate jewellery in display cases can increase their perceived value.

The following are benefits of good retail lighting systems:

– Entices customers to enter the store

– Enhances the appearance of products in a retail store

– Increases perceived value of products

– Enhances appearance of the store

– Encourages customers to purchase

– Increases customer visibility of the products

– Increases security of the products

– Increases staff productivity

How to Implement an Effective Store Lighting System:

1. Consider Your Target Market.

When selecting your lighting system ensure it is appealing to your target market. This will attract your desired customers as they pass by your store.

2. Define the Functionality of the Lighting System.

You need to be able to outline the functionality of each and every light in your store. There needs to be different lighting systems installed in different areas of your store. For example you will have different lighting in the food section compared to the clothing section. You cannot have the same lighting system in the food section as you will have in the clothing section as different products need to be illuminated in different ways.

3. Using light as a marketing tool.

Lighting systems installed in jewellery and other high value product displays needs to serve the specific purpose of highlighting the beauty of the products to enhance their value.

4. Install appropriate lighting systems for fresh food department.

Inappropriate lighting installation in the fresh food department can accelerate the deterioration of products. Therefore it is imperative to select the right lighting system for your fresh food department.