The Best Rug Pad For Aubusson Rugs

The reasons for having the correct pad under your aubusson rug are to keep your carpet flat and wrinkle free, prolong its life and hold it to the floor. Many people ask me which is the right rug pad for an aubusson and my answer is simple. Choose a dense and relatively thin, no more than 1/4 of an inch thick, rug pad that grabs both the rug and the floor. This will maintain the beauty of an aubusson’s flatter look on your floor.

There are many thinner rug pads available yet it is important to try to stay away from some of them. To save your time, my experience shows that the best rug pad for aubusson rugs is one that is almost 1/4 of an inch thick and made from recycled jute and solid, natural rubber. It is important for the life of your aubusson as well as for the protection of your floors to choose one that contains recycled jute and a real layer of rubber, not a sprayed on latex that can damage your floor.

This quality pad has a slightly textured jute surface that does well in grabbing your aubusson and keeping it from slipping on the pad. The bottom layer is a real, textured rubber that is sewn on to the jute, hence creating a solid pad. This rubber grips the floor as best as possible and keeps your rug and pad still. The fact that it is real rubber means it is safe for your floor and the recycled jute surface is mold and mildew resistant, odor free and does not shed.

If you opt to save a little money now and choose a different rug pad form your aubusson carpet, what you may experience is a rug that never lies still as well as the possibility of damage to your floor. Your aubusson rug is like a painting on the floor and this look should be maintained with the proper rug pad. It is never a good feeling to look at your aubusson on the floor and feel that you always need to bend down and pull out the wrinkles. Use of this proper pad will prove to eliminate any wrinkles while adding safety for anyone walking on the rug.