The Best Rug Pad For Laminate Floors

With all the stories about damage to laminate floors, one has to be careful in using the proper rug pad for the type of floor involved. I keep hearing that flooring people advise the homeowner not to use any rubber or PVC rug pad on their laminate floor as this can cause a negative reaction with the floor. Although this may not be the case in all instances, one is better to be safe than sorry.

A good quality jute rug pad is completely safe for laminate floors, prolongs the life of the rug and adds comfort. By a good quality, I mean choosing one that is made of recycled material. There are plenty of these so called jute rug pads on the market that are based of polypropylene, which is another word for plastic.

It is simple to choose the right pad for your laminate floors. First, make sure the description of the item states it as being made from recycled materials. This type of material is usually recycled nylon and wool carpet fibers compressed together to form the pad. Second, since there are various qualities, the best one is what is called a 40 ounce weight. This refers to the amount of material per square yard compressed into the pad. The higher the weight, the longer the pad will last and the more resistant the pad will be in protecting the floor and rug.

When purchasing a 40 ounce recycled jute rug pad and using it under your rugs on laminate floors, you will not have any damage to your floors. This quality should last around 15 years, even more in less used rooms, with very little care. A simple vacuuming once in a while will not hurt and there is not much else to be concerned about.

Your laminate floors are an investment so be sure to protect them with the proper rug pad. If you save a little now with those waffle like non slip pads, you may pay a much larger price in the future to repair or replace your floors.