The Best Way of Communication

Communication is very important in our daily life. In our modern life most of us use cell phone to communicate with each other. In my opinion this is not the best way to improve your relationship with others. You did not talk to them face to face, so you can not totally get the response immediately. You can just get the information from their voice only. In your family, communication is also the key point to enhance your love to your parents. Most of the time, some parents can not understand what you are thinking about. So the misunderstanding is unavoidable between you and them. Please do not forget to communicate with them face to face. Parents are parents, they always love you and want you to be better. If you only talk to them via cell phone, maybe there is one kind of barrier between you and them.

In your daily work, communication is the most important ability you have to own. You have to cooperate with your colleague. But how to cooperate with each other smoothly, communication is the key point. Only when you can communicate with them well, you can did a better job. You talk gently with them face to face, and they can easily understand your ideas. All in all, communication is very important in our daily life and the best way of communication is not via cell phone but talking to your friends face to face. Hope all of you can have a good day.