The Best Way to Get a Nasty Pet Stain Out

When it comes to cleaning pet urine stains from carpet it can become a difficult task, and every carpet cleaners nightmare. I will be explaining a couple of ways to remove pet stains in this article. The fist step that needs to be taken before any treating or cleaning is done is the urine examining step. There is a special black lights to help you find out where these urine infected areas are. Once those areas are spotted we examine them closely and determine weather the pad has been damaged and needs to be replaced or in some cases the urine did not penetrate through the pad than the pad could be saved with a special sanitation and disinfecting pet urine treatment.

If the pad needs to be replaced we carefully remove all the furniture from the area where the pad needs to be changed. Once all of the furniture is moved the carpet is then folded out and rolled up so that the infected area could be reached. A piece of the infected pad is then cut and taken out. The entire area is than sanitized and deodorized so that there is no bacteria left.

A new piece of pad is then cut to fit the area where the previous pad has been cut out and is then stapled down. The carpet is stretched and tucked back. The whole rooms needs to be cleaned with a hot water extraction machine so that its fresh and all the pet odor is gone.

In cases where the pad has not been damaged than a special pre-condition treatment is taken into place. The carpet is pre-treated first letting the products dissolve deep into the pile of the carpet for about 30 minutes. The carpet is than thoroughly steam cleaned sanitized and deodorized.

If you have a pet that is bound to urinate on the carpet it is highly recommended to have the carpet scotch guarded so that if your pet decides go to the bathroom on the carpet the urine will not dissolve into the pile leaving the pad no chance of getting damaged. This is highly highly recommended. So for future reference if you have pet stains don`t panic get a professional carpet cleaning company to come take a look at the condition of the carpet and give you his professional opinion before you decide to get the carpets replaced.