The Best Way to Remove a Guacamole Stain From Carpet

Having parties can be a lot of fun, at least until someone spills something all over your carpet. If one of your favorite party snacks is guacamole, like mine, you may know about those bright green stains on your carpet that start to turn brown over time. Here is the best way to remove a guacamole stain from carpet, so you can enjoy your party again.

Deal with the stain as quickly as possible. You may not want to get down on your hands and knees during the party and start scrubbing away, but at the very least make sure to scrape up as much of the guacamole as possible from the carpet. While scraping it be careful not to spread the stain further. If you can’t deal with it right away, at the very least keep the stain moist by placing a damp paper towel over the area, to help ensure the stain does not set while you continue on with the party.

Use a dishwashing liquid cleaning solution to blot at the guacamole stain. When you are ready to tackle the stain, like right after the party guests leave, mix a solution of 2 cups cool water and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Using this stain removal solution blot at the carpet stain with a clean white cloth, until the stain is removed.

If that does not completely remove the stain try a stronger solution using ammonia. Hopefully the dishwashing solution will work to remove the guacamole from the carpet, but if not you can try a stronger solution of two cups water mixed with one tablespoon of ammonia to use for blotting at the carpet stain. Always test this stain removal solution in an inconspicuous area of the carpet before applying directly to the stained area. Blot at the carpet with this solution until the stain is removed.

Remove the cleaning solutions and dry the carpet thoroughly. Whichever cleaning solutions you end up using must be removed from the carpet by blotting with water to rinse away the chemicals. You may also want to neutralize the ammonia solution by spraying the carpet with a solution of one tablespoon vinegar with two cups cool water. Next, make sure to allow the carpet to dry thoroughly for 24-48 hours. You can aid in drying the carpet by placing a white cloth over the damp carpet, and laying a heavy object on the cloth. This will help wick moisture from the carpet into the cloth to help it dry more quickly.