The Best Ways To Prevent Insects From Damaging Your Carpets

Many homeowners are unaware about the biggest enemies of their expensive carpets – Bugs and Insects. Moths and carpet beetles are considered as the main enemies that damage the carpets the most.

Lately, if you’ve been witnessing moths flying around in your house, then they may have arrived from the outside or from an infestation somewhere in your house. This is why it becomes crucial to check your drawers, storerooms and cupboards once in a while. Bugs found in the rugs are tiny, dark-reddish brown or blackish in colours that likewise grow from wool and fibre eating larvae.

Here are some bugs, insects and other things that you need to remove from your rugs to ensure clean and healthy atmosphere at your home. Have a look.

  • Insects – The common bugs and moths that are present in almost every house. They are usually small, brown or dark in colour and fly around quite quickly.
  • Missing Pile In Your Rugs – If you see tiny and regular patches on your carpet, which runs deep down to its base, then it’s a clear sign of moths. You should know that larvae generally won’t move ahead on the cotton fibres as they can’t eat it. So, get professional help to resolve this issue.
  • Webbing – your carpet might be a home of larvae, if you see a fine, white cover of webbing grouped in it.
  • Larvae – many homeowners often see tiny white larvae on their rugs, but they don’t take any necessary action to remove them. However, it’s a clear indication that your rug needs cleaning immediately. If you lack knowledge on how to clean the rugs, then clean hire professional help for washing.
  • Sandy, Dry Deposit – Another major sigh that larvae are thriving on your rugs is when you see particles of brownish grey clusters. These are the droppings of the larvae.

If you wish to keep away the insects from your home, or don’t want them to damage your expensive carpets, then you must vacuum at least once a week. At that point, after couple of months, turn the carpet and vacuum the backside too.

While you’re performing this task, make sure to clean the floor under the carpet so there’s no dust or grime left behind. Never place the carpet back until the floor becomes fully dry. If your rug is too large, then to clean its backside you can fold it in from the sides and perform the cleaning work in separate sections.

Keep in mind that by just utilising moth balls and other items, like, cedar chips, flakes or crystals won’t generally wipe out or even prevent moths, as these lack the ability to eliminate the larvae or eggs. To get rid of these eggs and larvae from your rugs, you should call professional carpet cleaners to achieve favourable results.