The Bricklaying Robot

When working on bricklaying you will see that it is an operation that repeats itself a lot and also is very challenging physically speaking. This being the case you can imagine that somebody, someday would have because of a solution, an automated solution. Also, another problem that appears is the lack of qualified workers and because of these facts the automated bricklayer was invented.

The newly designed machine is called the Mobile Bricklaying Robot and is said to help a lot. It can take bricks from a prepared pile, will apply material and will lay the bricks in an appropriate manner. The technology behind it has been developing for some time now and the prototype works great as reviewer said. As you can imagine the same robot can not perform all types of bricklaying unfortunately and this is the big problem that keeps stopping the project.

Although the problems are many, the robot sees a great solution. Once completed it will provide companies with a great solution to decrease costs and even improve the output result. Tests have shown that applying the material is a problem that has been solved thanks to the use of a simple modified vacuum. Unfortunately as it sees at the moment it will not be affordable or simply put not a good solution financially speaking to use it.

Although so far no real use is possible it is a solution that could be great in the future. What I mean is that in the future having such a robot will be cheaper than a worker but at the moment such promise is only real in certain parts of the world where skilled workers simply can not be found. Soon machines will replace men in many activities and it seems that bricklaying will be among them.