The Caveman Diet: How to Get Started

There is evidence of human beings as they appear today for the last 200 thousand years. In fact very little has changed about us genetically in this time. These prehistoric men and women lived on a diet which was much different to the diet we currently exist on today. With civilization has come the development of farming, refining and preservation of foods. In particular, in the last century the degree to which most food is refined and processed has increased to a dangerous level. Many consider that this dramatic change in diet over such a short period of time (in terms of evolution) is a major factor in the development of many disease states. The caveman diet (better known as the paleo diet or paleolithic diet) has helped many people to experience remarkable recovery from chronic illnesses, as well as helping them to lose weight, increase body tone and benefit from greatly increased energy levels.

The caveman diet is fundamentally based on eating those foods which you could reasonably expect to hunt and gather from the surrounding countryside. These foods fundamentally include lean meats, fish, fruit and vegetables. However, this list does seem to be too restrictive to live on within today’s lifestyle. Luckily there are many more options for foods and recipes that fit with the nutritional mantra of the caveman diet. Yes, you will need to give up on a number of foods that people currently enjoy today. For the most part this will include processed and junk foods though there are other problem foods that you will need to forego. However, the benefits to your energy levels, body image and health status will be well worth the sacrifice.

So how should you get started? It’s certainly easy enough to find a website listing the foods that you can and can’t eat, but most people will quickly fall away unless they have some proper direction and advice. Remember that you will be trying to change bad habits built up over a lifetime. There are lots of inspirational books, ebooks and even personal coaches that are available to help you to get started. In addition to this you’ll need recipe books, shopping plans, meal planners and lots of day to day support to give the paleo diet its best shot and really reap the benefits. Before you choose your own paleo plan make sure its backed up by lots of consumer reviews and is realistic to follow. Looking at forums and customer testimonials is an excellent way to know if you’re following a good plan.

Once you’re established on the caveman diet, it will begin to become routine and you will even be able to enjoy the odd lapse whilst still enjoying its many benefits. Its getting started that’s always the hard part, so make sure you get all the advice and support that you can.