The Chainsaw – A Formidable Power Tool

The Chainsaw's Many Uses

Chainsaws were initially developed, and are still used today, for the logging industry to cut down giant trees to be used for lumber. As time progressed, chainsaws became lighter, smaller and more efficient. Today's chainsaws come in a variety of sizes and help people from all walks of life accomplish a variety of jobs in a hurry, with minimal effort.

Tree Pruning

Proper pruning of trees and shrubs can increase the beauty of any landscape. Pruning plants, trees and shrubs trains them to grow properly, maintains their healthy growth and enhances the quality of foliage, fruit or flowers that a plant or tree bears, and in some cases is done to purposely restrict their growth. A chainsaw will make this job a lot easier and faster than using other pruning tools.


If you own a fireplace or wood burning stove and you live near a source of seasonal logs, you'll save hundreds of dollars per year harvesting your own fire wood instead of purchasing it. Now, you're not only saving money by eliminating the cost of heating oil or gas, but also the cost of wood, the chainsaw will pay for itself in no time.


Due to increasing laws and regulations imposed upon the lumber industry, the price of good quality lumber is at all time highs. If you are a builder or carpenter, you can make your own lumber using a special apparatus, called a "chainsaw lumber maker" attached to the chainsaw bar. This devices allows the user to fashion boards of any length or thickness at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it from a lumber yard.

Fire, Rescue and Emergency Service Work

Rescue workers have to be fast and accurate to ensure success on the job. In some cases, emergency workers must extract victims from tight places or provide additional ventilation for them, this is when a chainsaw comes into play. Specially designed chainsaws have been developed specifically for this purpose. These heavy-duty, compact saws use chains made from particularly hard metal for cutting through a variety of dense substances, they have especially powerful engines as well as other unique features for reducing operator fatigue, etc.


Chainsaw carving is a form of art that started becoming popular in the early 1980's. The sculptor uses a chainsaw as a carving tool to create wood or ice sculptures. Today, there are chainsaw carving contests all around the world. Contestants create amazing works of art with blazing speed compared to using conventional carving tools. Many different types of blades and chains have been developed to facilitate better carving techniques, such as bars with very small "noses" to enable fine detailed carving.

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