The Concept of Individuality

The concept of individuality states: “Every individual is born and endowed with a unique mind quality and content capable of producing independently from whatever humanity has seen”.

No two individuals are the same in their mind quality and content. Every individual is designed to develop his or her independent mind to the level of individualistic expressions. At the level of individuality, an individual becomes an independent thinker and producer. One who can express ideas, inventions, innovations, creations and discoveries no individual has ever exhibited.

Individuality in terms of independent creativity and productivity is the true identity of an individual. Each individual was to be known and identified by the expression of his/her individuality. Thus, despite the 6.2 billion people in the world, every one has his placement based on individuality.

Competition and strife between individuals exist as evidence of the ignorance of the concept of individuality. There is no competition at the level of individuality. Competition exists when men try to be like others, instead of developing their individuality and creating their own worlds.

By the expression of one’s mind quality and content, an individual can express ideas which can speak for him throughout successive generations. Names like Henry Ford, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galileo, John Gutenberg, Albert Einstein etc are remembered today because of the expression of their individualities in their different domains and times.

Individuality is a security against competition and inferiority. It is one’s trade mark. It is equally one’s leadership identity. The concept of individuality stems from the understanding that “Every individual is created unique to contribute independently from what ever humanity has seen”. 20 million people in a society are 20 million independent minds for unique and quality expressions.

If this concept is understood and pursued, there will be no society lagging behind in development. It is unfortunate that many living today are unable to express their individuality because of ignorance and the underdevelopment of their minds, thus, contributing nothing to the enhancement of their societies and humanity.

NB: Individuality is the ultimate measure of one’s mental development. At this level, one’s uniqueness is fully expressed.

Products of individuality

Individuality is the point of one’s independence. When one’s individuality is fully developed such an individual becomes an independent thinker and producer.

Independent Thinkers

Independent thinkers are individuals who think ahead of their societies and see ahead of their times. They are custodians of new ideas, insights, revelations, creations, inventions, innovations and discoveries needed both in their time and in the future.

The ideas of independent thinkers live longer than them.

Independent thinkers think independently from both societal and religious positions. In fact, they are providers of new directions for their generation. They are pioneers, pathfinders, road makers, trailblazers, and pacesetters.

With independent thinkers, a nation or society is constantly being invaded with new ideas and revelations which will take such a society or nation beyond her present breakthroughs.

Independent thinkers are needed when a nation or generation is plagued with stagnation and misdirection. They come to move their societies forward. Independent thinkers operate as reformers and revolutionaries. Their reformatory and revolutionary ideas provide knowledge for the next phase of things in their generation.

Independent thinkers are pioneers of new eras of civilizations within their nation and generation. They can alter the political, economic, social, religious and educational climate of a nation for the best.

For an individual to be a positive independent thinker, such must experience mind empowerment through illumination and regeneration.

Independent Producers

Independent producers are individuals whose creative works are incomparable with none other. They are providers of new inventions, discoveries and creations.

Throughout the history of human civilization, societies have developed through the immense contribution of independent producers. The industrial revolution in history owed its existence to the contribution of independent producers. The American and European societies have all evolved and emerged as world powers thanks to independent producers.

Independent producers are needed in every century to provide new amenities needed for the time. Their products replace old inventions.

The 21st century with its numerous challenges, demands for ‘hyper resourceful technocrats’, independent producers who will turn the tides of history and change the course of human civilization by their inventions. This can only be possible by the progress in mental development.