The Contract

Once a person has received the "written" invitation from God to accept His Son, the doorway to the abundant life stands before him. It is the Holy Spirit that carries the invitation through the Word to the "whosoevers." It is then up to the invited to RSVP his decision whether or not to accept the invitation. If there is a positive response, the written contract is explained in detail to the recipient, either through the Holy Spirit or a ministerial agent. The "binding" document is sixty-six books long. In this spiritually recorded parchment, God also guarantees His involvement in the lives of the beneficiaries. Once the "contract" has been explained, the door to the abundant life is opened. It is the responsibility of the recipient to follow the directions in the contract. If one does so, one will experience the kind of life the Old Testament saints had predicted and longed for. There is no expiration date on the "Eternal Life Insurance" policy.

What is wonderful about this Holy document is that one one does not have to wait until death for the benefits, but can immediately draw from the "Treasurer Grove" of the Word. One of the benefits of the contract is the opportunity to participate through personal involvement. The more one responds to the content, the greater the benefit. Obedience brings blessings. Now if an individual chooses not to do anything with the contract, and just files it away, the contract is still good, for the recipient is saved by Faith and not by works, but by inaction, a full and exciting life will fail to be experienced.

Another blessing to this Contract is that there is no pre-existing condition that would disqualify one's participation in the Heavenly Company. No matter what an individual has done in life, acceptance into the Kingdom of God can not be denied.

God needs agents to represent His Eternal Life Company, but it seems so many are wrapped up in self-promoted priorities that representing the Kingdom is not on their list. Jesus saw the multitudes searching for the Truth. He saw the fields ripe for harvest, but the harvesters were few in number. He asked His Apostles to pray that God would send employers into the harvest fields. (Matthew 9:35. 36)

Christians have the greatest contract that the world has ever seen. Let us sign up as agents and be willing to let the Holy Spirit work through us as we share the policy with those in need!