The Coolest Snowmobile Gear

Outdoor winter weather gear has changed a lot over the years the accessories that we are use to wearing such as gloves and boots are now better that ever at protecting us from the cold weather and giving us the protection we need to enjoy outdoor winter activities, such as snowmobiling. There are also more gadgets than ever to help keep us comfortable, safe and add to the fun of a day out on the trails.


Your clothing should be layered in cold weather. Layers keep warmth in and cold out. Many of the new synthetic fabrics are excellent at regulating body temperature which is necessary for any outdoor winter sports enthusiasts. The optimal fabric choice for long-term cold exposure is something that is breathable in order to release perspiration, while keeping warmth in and is also effective at keeping moisture out. There are many synthetically designed fabrics one type is drirelease Wool, which really isn’t much wool at all but dries 4 times faster than regular wool and maintains a natural feel. It is comprised of 85-90% hydrophobic-synthetic fabric and 10% natural- hydrophilic fibers. Sympatex is another synthetic fabric that marketed both windproof and waterproof. New technologies are always emerging that are really good at keeping you warm and dry for winter sports.


  • What could be cooler than making a video diary of your outdoor adventures. The problem with most video cameras is that they are bulky and hard to carry. There is a new 1080p video camera made by Contour, which is specifically designed for the outdoor sports enthusiast. It is water-resistant, lightweight, wireless and mounts to your helmet or goggles for a first person view of your adventures while out on the snowmobile trails.
  • Rider-to-rider intercom systems are a new hi-tech way to keep in touch with the other riders in your group while out on the trails. The top of the line systems also have Bluetooth technology allows for using your cell phone when the range of the intercom is not sufficient. Many of the best headsets also have built in GPS and Mp3 players.
  • If you are riding in the backcountry you and your entire party should carry an avalanche receiver. In the event of a snow burial, your receiver would emit a signal which the other transceivers will pick up, to help locate you. Transceivers have two modes, send and receive. You should always keep your unit on send unless you are trying to locate. The best receivers have both visual and audible location signals.
  • If you need an efficient easy way to carry your gear, there are great backpacks that have really cool features to make them more than just a backpack. Many now have a hydration system with a chamber for holding your water and a tube attached for easy access. You can also find backpacks that come with compact tool kits in specially designed compartments. The tools that are included are things such as a saw and a compact shovel.
  • Heated boots, socks and helmets and jackets that can recharge by plugging in to your snowmobile or have a battery pack, are cool accessories to have when out in the winter snow or your snowmobile. They can keep your warm and out enjoying the outdoors for hours of fun.