The Cost of Invisalign – Is it Justified?

How much does Invisalign cost? Invisalign gained popularity when it provided the option of teeth alignment without the ugly metal wires sticking out in your mouth. You certainly will feel self-conscious meeting people with your wired teeth so visibly obvious. Consequently, the thought of not looking good will result in an unfavorable decrease in self confidence.

Invisalign is the latest breakthrough in orthodontic care that provides an alternative method to conventional metal braces. These are transparent, plastic aligners that are produced in a series of created models that can be custom fit onto your teeth. Invisalign clear aligners effectively push on to the teeth and continuously correct the teeth position using the specified pressure in each aligner. The said pressure is created by consistent resetting of these braces by replacing the aligners every two weeks.

Another similarly striking feature that makes these Invisalign invisible braces interesting is they can be removed at any point of the day. The proposed recommendation is to wear them for no less than twenty-two hours daily. When you need to do some activities that make the presence of the Invisalign aligners inconvenient, you’ve got the option of taking them off temporarily. That means you can eat, drink or brush your teeth without being bothered by these braces.

A number of satisfied patients have enthusiastically expressed their approval of Invisalign in delivering its final result and the million dollar pearly white smile it can definitely bring. As a result, one will be led to ask, ‘How much does Invisalign cost?’ A conspicuous factor that directly affects Invisalign cost is your locality. The amount you pay in ritzy Hollywood will definitely cost more than the same dental service in Moline, Iowa. The seriousness of teeth crowding also has an effect on cost. The Invisalign cost for minor tooth adjustment can be lower than $3,500. A complex treatment for those with severe teeth problems can reach up to $7,000. A higher fee is brought about by the need to produce more plastic aligner trays and longer dental visitations. The average Invisalign cost ranges from $4,000 to $5,000. There are also other braces-free, Invisalign-like options available to treat very simple crowding problems that can cost as little as $2000 or less.

It might be beneficial if you talk with your insurance company to ascertain if this type of treatment is covered under your dental or orthodontic insurance. Several orthodontic insurance packages are available, under which Invisalign can usually qualify. Another payment plan that you can entertain is the one furnished by your dentist. Orthodontists are usually very willing to offer extended or flexible payment options that may fit your financial situation. Some companies also offer programs of setting aside part of your salary for future medical costs. The program, called Flexible Spending Account, can be used for paying for an orthodontic treatment. Check with your company’s benefits department and check if you can enroll in this beneficial program.

A beautiful smile can bring confidence and a positive temperament towards life. Don’t let the question ‘how much does Invisalign cost?’ deter your treatment plans. The value of securing a radiant smile that lasts a lifetime is priceless and has perhaps the most justified cost/benefit ratio in all of healthcare. Emerge into a better, new you with assistance from Invisalign.