The Dangers of Potholes

Everyone has experienced the surprising jolt when a car rolls over a pothole, but the full extent of the damage that can be acquired from these road hazards is rarely considered. Potholes occur when extreme shifts in weather patterns leave the ground unstable and prone to splitting. The wear and tear of regular traffic can make them worse, and occasionally they can become so deep that unsuspecting drivers can lose control of their vehicles after passing over a pothole.

Municipal agencies are responsible for maintaining safe roadways and the presence of a pothole large enough to cause car damage or collisions may be grounds for legal action against these agencies. If you have experienced significant vehicle damage or if you have been injured, contact an auto accident lawyer to discuss your options for financial compensation.

Most potholes are only an inch or two deep and perhaps a few wide, but some can be deep enough to catch a tire and cause damage to the vehicle or force the car to spin away from the road. Aside from the dangers of a collision, potholes can also wear out tires and force them to become misaligned. This can make the vehicle more difficult to control even on smooth pavement and force the steering components of the car to shift. Potholes also force premature break down of the suspension system and shock absorbers. In very extreme situations, the undercarriage or engine can be harmed after driving over a pothole.

Municipal agencies that overlook such problems can be held responsible for the damage incurred from these hazards. Though many are not large enough to cause significant harm, the longer they are ignored, the more likely they are to put someone in danger.

You have been the if the victim of an auto accident Because of a Pothole, contact the Des Moines municipal negligence attorneys of La Marca & Landry, PC, to speak to one 's of hwy qualified lawyers about your legal – rights.