The Dewalt DCX424A2 Combi Drill – A Combination of Power and Flexibility

Dewalt is a well-known and respected company that designs and manufactures corded and cordless power tools for workers around the world. Their tools are used both to build new buildings and retrofit older ones, providing a wide range of choices for each job. The Dewalt DCX424A2 DC725 18V Combi Drill is a powerful eighteen volt kit for driving screws, drilling, and hammering. The professional and non-professional alike can benefit from the DCX424A2 kit. This combi-drill is one of Dewalt’s most esteemed tool kits.

The Dewalt DCX424A2 dual tools both run on eighteen volts power in the form of a battery. There are two main speeds, forward and reverse. While in forward, there are multiple speeds to choose from. This gives the worker much control over drilling and driving and hammering, and all right at the fingertips. This feature also beats many of the older drills that are bulky and heavy and offer little functionality. One hundred and fifty nm is the torque produced by the Dewalt DCX424A2, definitely enough driving and drilling power to handle a variety of projects.

The tools provided in the Dewalt DCX424A2 kit are a DC725 hammer drill and a DEWDC827 impact driver. They are provided with ergonomic handles with a soft grip easy on the hand and wrist. This ergonomic aspect of the tools is there for safety as much as for comfort. The Dewalt DCX424A2 DC725 hammer drill has a feature where the bit can be adjusted easily with one hand. The DCX424A2 also has a power-assist brake to help with controlling it, as well as a fan to cool the motor. The fan allows for longer use of the tool, and helps keep it from wear and tear.

The rubber ergonomic grip allows the hand and wrist a greater level of comfort while using the tools in the Dewalt DCX424A2 kit. The aluminum on the face of the tool aids in dissipating the heat, to keep it running more efficiently. It also adds to the overall life of the product. The Dewalt DCX424A2 is constructed from dense and enduring material, so you can trust the strength of the tool in your hand and not be afraid to push it to the limits of its ability. The DCX424A2 is second to none, offering a performance rating that cannot be equaled by its competitors.

The DC725 offers up to thirteen millimeters of capacity, powered by four hundred watts, and zero to eighty-five hundred or zero to twenty-nine thousand strikes a minute. It weighs in at two and four tenths kilograms, and plenty of drilling ability in several materials, including wood, metal and brick. The DCX424A2 impact driver delivers one hundred and fifty nm of bashing power available directly to the user. It’s electrically assisted brake makes sure you don’t break screws, and it aids you in removing them too.

The LEDs on the DC827 let you see even in the darkest areas. The DC827 runs on a nickel cadmium power pack with two hundred fifty watts at its disposal. It weighs one and seven tenths kilograms and has a quarter inch case for a bit, which makes it light, portable and useable. All in all, the Dewalt DCX424A2 is a performance pack with enough guts in it to tackle just about any on the road job.