The Difference Between a Pillowcase and a Pillow Sham

Question: What is the difference between a Pillowcase and a Pillow Sham?

Answer: This is a common question. The misconception is that they are one and the same. While they are both slip covers for bed pillows, they serve different purposes and are designed differently to compliment your bed linens.

Pillowcases are more functional. Meant to be slept on, they serve a san extra layer for your face while you sleep. They protect your pillow from hair and skin oil, perspiration and drool.

Pillowcases are constructed from the same fabric as a beds’ fitted or flat sheet, and normally designed to match them. They are mostly made of a plain color, sometimes with patterned trimmings.

Pillow Shams serve a more decorative purpose. Typically, they are used strictly for embellishment and not sleeping. They can add a real nice touch to a room, and serve as a perfect complement to your kid’s bedding. They are usually designed to coordinate with the kid’s comforter, quilt, coverlet, or Kid’s duvet cover.

Shams may be adorned with ornate laces, embroidery and generally display more intricate patterns than pillowcases. You can also expect pillow shams to use thicker fabrics and be more cushioned to lie atop the bedspread or comforter.

A pillow sham is a wonderful way to add some flair to a tired looking pillow and make it look special. They are usually zipped in the middle which is the insertion point for the pillow. Shams can also serve as a pillowcase, but most people avoid this because they are more costly, and are usually made from more expensive fabrics used for decorative, rather than functional, purposes.

Finally there is the Euro Sham. What is a Euro sham? it is a square pillow with an ornamental cover. It functions like a regular pillow sham, but can also be used as a throw. It denotes a cushioned pillow in German.