The Difference Between Roller and Roman Blinds

Learning about the various styles and types of blinds that are available to choose from can be an effective way to make the right decision about which style is going to best suit the area that they are being placed in.

Though both styles are based on similar styles, there are vast differences between the two styles that should be noted. Learning about these blinds is simple however, as there are distinct features that can be seen through each of the styles – those that allow light in the room and those that do not.

Roller blinds are created to roll up tightly to easily stow away while not in use, but when extended there is a level of maximum coverage that is given to the room in which they are placed. No light can extend through these blinds, which are often created from thick canvas-like materials.

Roman blinds are created in similar fashion, rolling up tightly to the roll when not in use, similar to roller blinds, but they have tiny holes through the blinds that are extended over the window which can allow a small amount of light to enter through each hole. The light that is created from these blinds can complement the decor of the room, allowing light to enter the room but ensuring that the light that has entered is ambient and serene through the room.

Depending on where in the home the blinds are being placed, and the light that is required through that area of the home it is important to consider the benefits of each style of blind while making the decision between the various styles.

For example, while being placed in a children’s room, Roller blinds may be encouraged to allow for easier nap times and early bed times through the summer months when the sun shines well into the evening. Considering aspects like this can help to make the decision about which blinds are suited to your lifestyle and home.