The Different Procedures of the Cosmetic Dentistry

Going to the dentist used to be just for fixing bad teeth, getting fillings, and the yearly dental cleaning. These days, you’ll find a longer list in the dental menu. This is because dentists have expanded their skills a little bit and have included beautifying the teeth to their arsenal. Cosmetic dentistry is now widely available for those who want to have a better smile.

There are different cosmetic procedures available today. The most basic is teeth whitening or bleaching. This is useful if you want to have the really white teeth similar to what you see in toothpaste commercials. A variant of this procedure is popular with smokers, who undergo bleaching to remove cigarette stains on their teeth.

Getting dentures is one of the older ways of getting a better smile. It wasn’t seen as a cosmetic procedure at first, as dentures were primarily made for assistance in chewing food. However, dentures are have become a little more beautified. Invest in one if implants are too expensive.

Speaking of implants, it’s another of the older procedures that can be cosmetic in nature. This is especially true if the implant is needed in the frontal areas of the teeth. If a tooth has fallen off, it’s most likely due to no longer being attached to its roots. Implants replace both roots and tooth.

For chipped and misshapen teeth that don’t require implants, there’s the contouring procedure. This procedure involves either reshaping your teeth or aligning overlapping ones. Either way, you will get a straighter and better smile after this. This procedure leans more towards the aesthetics, as most that undergo it don’t have any unhealthy teeth.

If you wish to straighten multiple teeth, you have a few options. The first is the dental metal braces, which forces your teeth into the desired position to give you a straighter smile. This process takes a long time, and the braces may need multiple readjustments throughout the course of the year-or-two of wearing them. Protruding wires from these braces can also cause a good amount of discomfort.

A more recently-developed alternative to metal braces would be the “invisible braces”. These function the same way as metal braces, but it’s as if you’re not wearing anything. While it’s more comfortable than metal braces, it will only be as effective as its user’s capability to follow the dentist’s instructions.

Finally, there’s the veneers, which are pretty much porcelain jackets to chipped or discolored teeth. Veneers can be permanent through bonding.

There you have it. The next time you go to the dentist for a routine cleaning, remember that you have the option to make your smile even better.