The Different Types of Electric Violins

Electric violins have been around for a long time and in today's world, they are available in different styles. There is the full electric type with built-in pickup and there is the electro-acoustic violin which has a separate pickup that is typically attached to the bridge, body and fingerboard. This piece will feature on full electric type and how you can find them.

Yamaha electric violins are available in the market and they are referred to as silent electric violins because they produce very little external noise while playing. They are ideal for home use because you will not disturb your neighbors or housemates while playing. A pair of headphones can be plugged into the violin so that you will be able to hear the sound as if you are in a concert. These violins can be plugged into an amplifier in order to get the best output.

The Stagg electric violins are made from solid maple and are covered with lacquer to give them smooth colored finish. There is a built-in 2 band equalizer and headphone pre-amp that is volume controlled. You will also find the case, a bow, rosin and a pair of stereo headphones in the package.

Violinsmart electric violins are affordable and are built to the standard of instruments two or three times their price. Majority of them come in a padded bag, a bow, rosin, a pair of headphones and an amp cable. There is also a built-in shoulder rest so that more comfort will be derived while playing the instrument. There are varieties of this brand of violin with the solid wood electric violin being a popular choice. You will also have the opportunity of choosing different colors since there are many varieties available.

The Barcelona beginner series electric violins are ideal for beginners. This is because they are affordable and everything that a beginner needs is incorporated in the set. The beginner series consist of the violin, a bow, hardshell case, rosin, a pair of headphones and an amp lead. There are seven colors to choose from giving you the opportunity to have a wide range of choices.

Cecilio electric violins are made from solid maple with an ebony fingerboard and mother-of-pearl inlay on the tailpiece. The Cecilio set consists of a hardshell case, a Brazil wood bow with Mongolian horsehair, an extra set of strings, a pair of headphones, rosin and an amp lead. You can get any of these violins from reputable online and offline stores.