The Different Types of Flooring Options Explained

There are just too many types of flooring options around and many people are not sure what to buy when they need either to replace their old floors with something new and modern. Deciding between the different types of timber, vinyl, laminates, glass floors, cork, concrete and tiles it can be seriously overwhelming.

Vinyl flooring is something that a lot of people who are on a budget will go for. It is quite a durable and popular flooring type. It is made of various vinyl resigns and additives including pigments, fillers, stabilizers and plasticizers. It also contains some PVC, this is why sometimes you hear it by the name of PVC flooring. You can find vinyl either in sheet or in tile form and one of the nice things about it is that you can practically create an unlimited number of looks due to the many colors, styles and textures that it can recreate. With a good noise insulation it is quite comfortable and if any damages happen to it, it is quite easy and cheap to repair.

Timber flooring contains quite a few types and many of them are known all by themselves. Floating floorsare simply laid over existing flooring. They are made of soft or hardwood glued to fiber board. They are either pre-coated or can be covered during the installation process. One type of this is laminate flooring, which is quite common to many people. One problem with this floor type is that it can not be used in wet areas such as bathrooms or verandas in case of rain.

Another timber floor type is the palmwood flooring which is made of coconut palms. It has flooring boards of real wood. There is no lamination involved. This is quite a stable and sturdy option when you are looking into getting hardwood floors.

Cork flooring is quite an environmentally friendly type and if you are into saving the environment, this one is for you. There are many cork tile designs available including a country look, a patterned look or a simple, natural look. You can safely use this floor in dry as well as in wet areas and it is not only environmentally friendly but also hygienic as it does not cause allergies at all. As cork is insulating, it is great to use both in winter and in summer as during winter it builds heat back and in summer it does not absorb it in at all. Due to its insulation properties it is a perfect acoustic insulator.

Glass flooring is a new, modern flooring type which is quite versatile to use all over the place, from interior floors to pathways, decks, driveways, practically anywhere. If it is installed outdoors, it needs to be customized to be able to hold the weight of the car. An additional benefit with using this type of floor is the fact that it seems to actually increase the light in the house, making your room or space much brighter.

These are just some of the options that are available to people who want to re-floor their homes. There are many more out there, but these are quite popular and have made many homeowners happy having them in their house and around it.