The Different Types of Porches You Can Add on to Your Home

Having an enclosed porch when it is screened or has permanent windows, is a wonderful way to feel like you are outdoors without having to end problems like bugs, rain or other elements. This article will describe the various types of porches that you may want to add onto your home and the different elements that go into it. Some of the options that will be discussed will be if the porch is just to be enjoyed during the summer or if it will be a four season porch. Also, the design elements like flooring and what kind of materials may be used like travertine tile or stone tile or wood flooring.

Adding additional square footage to your home by adding a porch is a great and less expensive option typically than adding on another type of room. This is especially true if you add on a simpler porch with screened enclosures rather than windows or solid walls. Once you have determined a budget, find a contractor that is familiar with doing these types of renovations and have done other porches prior to your project. When both of those are determined, you will be all set to determine what type of porch will suit you and your family's needs the best.

The type of porch you add on to your home should be greatly influenced by where you live and what the weather is like in that particular region. If you live in a warmer climate on a lake that tires to get buggy, then maybe a good screened style will do fine without needing more permanent walls. Adding a ceiling fan in a porch helps to keep the air circulating and you cool on warmer days. If you have pets and children, the flooring should be considered to be durable and easily cleaned. A great choice for that would be to install tile that will be good if it gets wet, muddy or dirty regularly.

If you live in a colder climate that has a very short summer season, then sometimes a four season porch with heating and cooling should be considered. This way, when it is cold and snowing for many months in the winter, you can still sit in a room where you feel like you are part of the outdoors while staying nice and warm inside. Many people choose to have a beautiful wood ceiling installed in their porches to bring a natural style inside the porch. With a four season porch, you can furnish and decorate as any other room without worrying about the elements damaging anything. Wood beams on a higher ceiling are also great design elements to consider if your home is in a wooded setting.

Whatever size or style of porch you decide to add on to your home, it should fit your budget and your taste. This additional square footage added to your home will also increase the value of your home as you are adding an extra room to enjoy.