The Dirt Cheap Phone Chargers Are Hazardous for Quite a Few Reasons

A USB cable is the name of a cable that you use for charging your device. A wall adapter comes with the cable that it must be plugged into. However, a significant number of low-priced replacements are floating around. Does one need to pat the rather exorbitant prices for the wall chargers that act as replacements for Apple devices? What about the claims of all the additional device manufacturers that if you use a rough third-party unit, it could give you headaches? Is it that they’re only blowing smoke, or is the Amazon knockoff charger worth $3 the one that’s smoking? An intelligent engineer found out by disassembling a knockoff iPad charger.

It is likely that the vast majority of us have got accustomed to carrying these potent electronic devices about, which is the reason why we do not get concerned while doing do. Nonetheless, the fact is that the batteries and also the cables for charging the devices have to tackle a vast amount of power. A wall adapter for the gadget you have has a charge of 170 volts that could damage your device on not being properly contained. If you take a peek inside a low-priced counterfeit iPad charger worth $3, you will know why.

The drawbacks of the phone chargers that are dirt cheap

The first deficiency of cheap phone chargers that is evident is that the knockoff has nearly not insulation, and this is a shortcoming that you don’t want to see. However what is even more disturbing is possibly the more primordial circuit board of such chargers, their inability to filter the voltage, and the rather awkward placement of their components. The insides of all wall chargers must have an excellent partitioning of elements of high and low voltages. However, the cheap phone chargers have a rather lazy design that does not give detail its due importance. This shortage is also evident in the various fly back transformers whose function is to turn input power into DC. What is the implication of this drawback? Well, nothing other than shorts, Voltage bleed, and much heat.

The difference between the real deal chargers and the false ones

If you monitor how the voltage performs and the current produced, you can understand the difference very clearly. All of the real deal chargers feature incredibly clean power having hardly any spikes. All of the counterfeits are unstable to the extent of being hazardous due to their output featuring unsafe jumps that could damage the batteries. The noise that a cheap wall adapter makes is so awful that it could be the cause of screen distortion.


It would be wrong to state that you can’t purchase a less pricey charger that is also some brands of good reputation are familiar with the art of delivering a wall adapter at a price that is below the Apple’s asking price of $19. Nevertheless, that knockoff plug that is worth a mere $3 is an item that you ought to keep away from as you would from a plague.