The DIY Chicken Coop Ark

The DIY chicken coop ark is one of the more modern designs of chicken shelter. Whilst it's just as small and portable as the any a-frame coop, it makes much better use of internal space. This article gives you a general outline of the chicken ark, and directs you towards making the first steps to construction.

Chicken Ark Features

Most home mini-farms do not require a massive chicken enclosure. In fact, if you're looking to keep only 5 or so birds, the chicken ark is very accommodating. It utilizes 2 stories, each with a different purpose.

The downstairs area is fully enclosed with chicken wire. It's a great area for your flock to feed, and go for a little run. Of course, it's highly recommended to let them out every at least once a day. If you're worried about predators, most DIY chicken coop plans will also show you how to build a secure chicken run.

Inside the feeding area is a ramp that leads to an upstairs nesting space. This is completely enclosed with either plywood, or something a bit more fancy. Using some well placed heating lamps, this area can act as an artificial incubator. You can also install an optional door at the top, which provides easy access to eggs.

Chicken Coop Flooring

Of course, not chicken coop is complete without some kind of flooring material. It's possible just to place the coop on the grass or dirt, but it's not recommended. Concrete or wood is generally the best. If you do not feel like laying a slab, straw or even sand is also very suitable. Straw is particularly easy to replace.

Similar Chicken Coop Styles

If the chicken ark does not sound like what you're looking for, you can take heart in the fact that most internet-based chicken coop plans contain many other designs. Other styles include:

– The portable a-frame coop.
– The premium hen house with chicken run.
– The box-shaped coop.