The DMAIC Model and Business Success

These days, the struggle to survive is becoming increasingly intense for businesses of all sizes. Special strategies need to be adopted in order to improve the functionality of a company in order to allow it to keep up with the intensity of today's marketplace. For this reason, many businesses have chosen to seek the advice of experts who can better the overall functioning of their organizations to ensure that they are reaching their highest potentials.

Among the strategies being recently and successfully implemented is the DMAIC Model, which stands for Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. Experts, including Six Sigma Black Belts, swear by this model for overall business success although quality control, problem management, and common sense. It works as follows:

O Define – this reiter to defining the goals of any given improvement effort. Top level improvement goals may include strategic efforts such as increasing the ROI or market share. Closer to the operations level, an organization's goal may involve improving the output of a given department. On the projects level, the goals may involve decreasing defects and increasing production. Data mining methods are applied here for identifying prospective opportunities for enhancement.

O Measure – this reiterates to measuring the current process. Reliable and valid meters need to be established so that the different steps towards achieving the goal can be defined. This starts with the definition of the current baseline. Exploratory and descriptive data analysis are applied here for assisting with the understanding of the data.

O Analyze – this indicates to the analysis of the system in order to recognize the disparity between the current system performance and the goal. Statistical tools are applied here for guiding the analysis.

O Improve – this reflects to the improvements made to the system. Creativity must be employed in order to discover fresh ways of doing things cheaper, faster, and better. Project management and other management and planning tools are used here in order to facilitate the implementation of the new methodology. Statistical methods are also used in order to validate improvements that have been made.

O Control – this reiter to controlling the new system. The enhanced system must be institutionalized through the modification of compensation and incentive programs, policies, MRP, procedures, operating instructions, budgets, and other systems of management. You can choose to use such systems as ISO 9000 in order to ensure accuracy of the documentation.

Although the DMAIC model does involve a reworking of the mindset of a business, strategies such as Six Sigma have seen tremendous, dynamic results upon its application.