The Do's and Don'ts of Oak Flooring

Oak flooring can add such beauty and value to your home. However; it should not be done and put in too many rooms. One of the keys to any hard wood flooring is to make sure you match it to the right rooms for the most value and style. This article will look at a few key places where you should and should not add oak flooring.

The kitchen is one of those tricky places that many people are never sure if they should add oak flooring to or not. Based on experience from others who have installed oak flooring in their kitchen you will find that many would say to stay away from putting hard wood flooring in any kitchen setting.

One of the main reasons for leaving the kitchen off the wood flooring list is the fact that you are very likely to drop a knife, pans, and heavy cans. Such item can damage your floor in the course of a few years of use in the kitchen. Any of these objects can cause a large dent into wood flooring. Oak flooring is a little stronger and can handle some abuse, but it is still not recommended area for any wood floors.

If you really want to get the most use out of oak flooring you should concentrate on the entry way to your home. This is the number one best place to add a nice hard wood surface. You can then protect your oak flooring with a nice area rug.

The next best thing and most popular place to add hard wood oak flooring is the den or great room. It is best if this room is a smaller and has a nice warm feel. Perhaps adding a decorative pellet stove or gas burning fireplace to the room would give it the charm and feel you are after.