The Easiest Way to Build a Perpetual Magnetic Generator

Man has been trying to create a perpetual magnetic generator to create electric energy from time immemorial. The first such attempt was by a man named Peter Peregrinus who created a prototype way back in 1269 AD. Although most scientists believe that it is not possible to create or build such a generator as it is against the second law of thermodynamics, there are many who are still trying to create such a device. But it is quite easy to build a perpetual magnetic generator on a smaller scale if your aim is only to power up your home.

The first step in this task is to set up a wheel which is made of non-conducting material and can spin. This wheel should be placed on a tilting axis and will be the inner one of the machine. The next step to build a magnetic generator involves setting up magnets at equidistance around the rim of this wheel. Ceramic bar magnets are great for this purpose; Ensure that all the magnets are attached face out so that they have the same polarity. The next step is to fix an outer ring over this structure.

It is important to note that this outer ring should also be made from a non-conducting material. Next, attach magnets all over the outer ring in the opposite direction so that all face inside for opposition polarity. The next step in this project of building a perpetual magnetic generator is to spin the inner wheel which is placed on an axis. As the revolution increases and reaches the peak, the outer magnets ensure that the wheel keeps spinning as both the sets of magnets face each other over and over again.

Energy is created from this perpetual magnetic generator as the inner wheel continues to spin due to the magnetic power released. This device is extremely easy to build and requires very else initial expense. All you need to do is spend a little time building this generator and you can bid goodbye to mounting electricity bills. Moreover, this is a cleaner form of energy that does no harm whateverever to our planet.

We now have an option with these incredible machines that provide us free energy for our home. But it is up to us to create the change and in these economically tough and environmentally sensitive times there is no better moment to hold such technology. The positive advantages not only for the environment but for us are easy to see.